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Hi, I'm JulienĀ Pradet,
do you want to learn more about me?

I'm a french web developer that has been enjoying programming for over 10 years. But I've been exploring generative art only since August 2021.

It might just be my way to go back in time. In 2010, I had to choose what to do for a living. Back then I was creating some small illustrations, abstract digital painting, sculptures on Blender and sharing those with other hobbyists on forums. It was a tough choice between becoming a Designer or a Developer. But in the end I didn't want to make it my main occupation, so I happily became a developer.

Along the way I completly stopped creating images. I was creating code instead. You can even find a bit of my developer journey on my french blog. But something changed in April 2021 when I joined my latest job at an online art gallery. Seeing some art everyday helped me find some inspiration. The urge to create things and express myself through images came back.

Since then, I had fun exploring the field of generative art, learning new technologies and creating stuff. I've also joined the Birb's nest, @sableraph's community that motivated me exploring new things. And a year later, in August 2022 I was publishing my first collection on fxhash.

I never envisionned creating art as a lonely experience and this is why I'm creating this website: to share my process, my creations and hopefully learn about you along the way.